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Actual Costing With The SAP Material Ledger Vanda Reis

Actual Costing With The SAP Material Ledger

Published August 24th 2011
ISBN : 9781592293780
504 pages
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 About the Book 

* Learn how to configure the SAP Material Ledger to perform periodic actual costing, actual costing revaluations, and more * Discover how the SAP Material Ledger calculates actual costs, and what it means for your business * Master advanced SAP Material Ledger and actual costing functions If you are a controller, consultant, or cost accounting professional, then this is your comprehensive guide to using the SAP Material Ledger for actual costing! Here, youll find the answers to how, why, and where to perform actual costing with the SAP Material Ledger to optimize your business practices. After a brief overview of how to configure the SAP Material Ledger, the book delves into more in-depth usages of actual costing and Material Ledger functionalities, such as using alternative valuation runs and actual costing cross-company code. Actual Costing Processes Learn about the different types of inventory valuation and how they can influence your business. Configuration Master SAP Material Ledger basic configuration. You will be able to carry inventory valuation in multiple currencies, and configure your system to work with more advanced tasks. Create Your Own Scenarios Follow along and recreate scenarios in your system, such as manufacturing variances, supply chain transfers, period-end closing processes, and more. Advanced Topics Discover how to display intercompany actual costs in the actual cost component split, as well as integrate the Material Ledger with CO-PA. Latest Releases Up to date for SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement package 5, so you can prepare your business for future changes and transitions. Highlights * Product cost planning * Actual costing runs * Total cost absorption * Purchase price variance * Manufacturing and overhead variances * Material price determination * Single- and multilevel price determination * COGS revaluation at actual cost * WIP revaluation at actual cost * Multiple valuations/transfer prices * IFRS