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A Guide to CrossFit Exercises Jacob Fairclough

A Guide to CrossFit Exercises

Kindle Edition
26 pages
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 About the Book 

CrossFit is an intense exercise regimen that was first used to train military units, martial artists, policeman, and other extreme athletes. Today, CrossFit can be used by any individual seeking improved physical health, strength, energy, and overall satisfaction in their fitness level. By using several different exercises (squats, pull-ups, extensions, and more) you can begin to see and feel a difference in your body almost instantly. You can add the use of kettlebells, weight plates, dumbbells, medicine balls, and other accessories to increase the level of difficulty and challenge to any exercise. By setting goals and pacing yourself for success, you will quickly become a CrossFit Professional in no time.What is covered in A Guide to CrossFit Exercises:A Brief Introduction to CrossFitPull-Upso Kipping Pull-Upso Front Lever Pull-Upso Weighted Pull-Upso Towel Pull-UpsSquatso Front Squatso Back Squatso Jumping Squatso Air SquatsExtensionso Hip Extensionso Back Extensionso Hip-Back ExtensionsSnatcheso Barbell Snatcheso Dumbbell Snatcheso Hang Snatcheso Power SnatchesQuit wasting time and get started making your body unstoppably fit. A Guide to CrossFit Exercises will help you achieve a fitness level that no other exercise guide can.