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The Path of Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Path of Brotherhood

Kindle Edition
271 pages
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 About the Book 

Prior to the Fall, men and women lived blissfully in a golden-age paradise. Their souls evolved in love, peace and harmony. In the ages that occurred after the Fall, souls lost their moorings, their sense of unity and oneness with God. They became increasingly aware of their sense of separation and their outer differences. This book demonstrates how brotherhood is possible, and crucial, today. Highlights: - The unity of all races and race as an expression of individuality - Twin flames, soul mates, karmic marriages and relationships- a golden age of the family and a plan for the youth of the world - The counterfeit of the golden-age culture and the problem of economic inequality - A mystical look at the twelve tribes and twelve apostles - Compassion, forgiveness and the path of loving-kindness vs. criticism, condemnation and judgment