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One Day Emil Kozak

One Day

Published August 1st 2009
ISBN : 9788496774773
251 pages
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 About the Book 

Anyone who has ever (or never) thought about how graphics and design affect our daily lives should take the time to explore this inspiring and mind opening new book. Design is everywhere When we wake up, when we check the time, when we brush our teeth, when we get dressed, when we have breakfast, when we cross the street, when we call to say well be late again, when we work, when we relax and when we go to sleep. 24 hours a day we are simply surrounded by graphics and illustrations. One Day takes a comprehensive look at how the graphics that surround us play a part in our lives, and covers everything from alarm clocks and coffee makers to skateboards and computers. It demonstrates how graphics are the key to the personal relationships we have with everyday objects, and how design plays a major role in the visual soundtrack of life.